10 places to have a delicious breakfast in Mexico City

So many people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you have to choose a good place to enjoy this moment. La Roma, Juárez or Condesa are neighborhoods characterized by their great and varied offer of original gastronomic proposals, which make it a great destination to start the day on the right foot.

These places to have breakfast in Mexico City have the ideal environment to enjoy with friends, with your partner or even alone. Here you will find all types of food, even those that you did not imagine for breakfast. Here our recommendations where you can find something for all.

Café Nin

In addition to the well-known (and delicious) Elena Reygadas Rosetta bakery, it has this café-restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast in Juárez in a much more welcoming space. Its morning menu also includes coffee, tea, juices, fruits and cereals, as well as different options with eggs, chilaquiles, quiches and sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

Address: Havre 73, Juárez
Phone: 5207 7065
Wbesite: cafenin.com.mx

Cicatriz Café

This small cafe also has options for breakfast while you enjoy their delicious bar of hot drinks and artisan bread. Try the Biscuits stuffed with smoked ham, sweet potato puree, habanero honey and a fried egg. Don’t miss on the BLT and their amazing coffee.

Address: Calle Dinamarca 44, Juárez
Phone: 4041 7931
Website: CicatrizCafe.com


The food is enjoyed at a communal table but there are also small tables next to the colorful mural that distinguishes it. The menu changes every season, but you will always find a dish that will surely make you come back, our favorites are their French toasts with red fruits, chilaquiles, and pastries.

Address: Zacatecas 173, Roma Norte
Phone: 5564 3388

Website: eat-lalo.com

Monsieur Croque

A small french-type cafeteria with perfect options for a breakfast. Delicious Croques, sandwiches, and pastries. They also offer fresh juice and coffee. The small french pastry shop next door is also worth a visit (owned by them).

Address: Tamaulipas 39A, Condesa
Phone: 556 448 55 75


A spot completely renovated space in Polanco where you can enjoy French food with light Mexican touches. Don’t miss out on trying their omelettes, enfrijoladas stuffed with Mexican-style scrambled eggs and chorizo, or some other delicious kinds of eggs.

Address: Av. Emilio Castelar 95, Polanco
Phone: 5280 0477
Website: IvoirePolanco.com


This small spot in Colonia Juárez has a space dedicated to coffee. Enjoy and pamper yourself with some Chiapas coffee, golden milk, Mexican tea and fresh drinks, as well as freshly baked bread and cookies to accompany. Our favorites here are the breakfast sandwich, the chilaquiles and don’t miss the pancakes.

Address: Dresde 2, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
Phone: 5525 0262
Website: Niddo.mx

La Ruta de la Seda

This place with organic cuisine and rustic decoration will make you feel a little hippie. Here you can enjoy a breakfast with fresh and perfectly prepared products, as well as an important selection of teas. Their bread is another reason to visit the place. They also have an organic products store for you to take home.

Address: Aurora 1, Coyoacán
Phone: 55 3869 4888
Website: CafeRutaDeLaSeda.com


This cafeteria concept from Chef Enrique Olvera gets the best of Mexican ingredients and turns them into simple and delicious breakfasts. Their quesadillas, molletes, chilaquiles are a must. You also have to try their chocolate chip cookie to go with your coffee.

Address: Chihuahua 139, Roma / Petrarca 258, Polanco
Phone: 55 7576 0919 / 55 5531 8535

Website: Eno.com.mx


This new place is restaurant, bakery, and coffee shop. This place in Roma is ideal for a good breakfast and hearty drinks. Their matcha is exceptionally good, but so is the coffee and basically any drink. We recommend the french toast, the fungi omelette, and the chilaquiles.

Address: Tonalá 110, Roma
Website: Instagram

Quesería de Mi

A cozy spot in the heart of Condesa. Their menu offers something for everybody, from pastries to Croque Madame and Monsieur, croissants with ham and cheese, pancakes, and avocado toast.

Address: Alfonso Reyes 164, Hipódromo Condesa
Phone: 55 6267 6844
Website: Queseriademi.mx