6 things you have to do in your next visit to Cabo

Chedraui is the one-stop-supermarket where you’ll find absolutely every product you will need to fully enjoy these six activities. Cabo a destination with amazing activities due to its spectacular contrast between ocean and desert. Whether it is a family vacation, friends plan or a romantic getaway, this beach destination will undoubtedly leave you with your mouth open. Here are the six coolest plans you have to do on your next visit to Los Cabos.

Yacht day

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Is there a better plan than enjoying a sunset on a yacht with a glass of champagne or wine? Enjoy a romantic yacht trip on the Sea of ​​Cortez. This plan is perfect romantic date due to the spectacular views that Cabo has to offer and nothing better than to enjoy a glass of your favorite champagne while watching the iconic arch with your favorite person.
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Camel ride

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Thanks to the incredible blend of desert and beaches in Los Cabos you can enjoy a camel ride by the sea or in the middle of astonishing sand dunes. This experience is one of the most fun in Cabo and is the perfect plan to do with your friends or family. Before arriving to the tour, stop by for a few beers to take a break from your ride, refresh yourself, and enjoy the scenery.

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Cookout on the beach

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Premium beef cuts, the best weather, your friends and the beautiful sea in the background. What more could we ask for? This plan is ideal to start during the afternoon and enjoy the unique climate of Cabo while listening to your favorite music, delicious food and your best friends while you watch the sunset while waiting for dinner to be ready.
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Beach brunch

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There is nothing better to enjoy a day at the beach and weather than a refreshing ceviche or, if you are not a fan of raw fish, a delicious grilled red snapper. Both accompanied by a cold Pacífico beer, of course.
Without a doubt, this plan is a must for your next visit to Los Cabos.
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Witness the sunset on the beach

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If you are one to prefer quieter plans, this option is perfect to end your day in a relaxing manner while enjoying the spectacular sunsets of Los Cabos accompanied by the refreshing afternoon weather, a glass of sweet wine, cheese board and freshly baked bread. Make sure you have plenty of battery in your phone as you for sure will want to share several photos on your Instagram.
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One of our favorite plans is to spend a whole day at the beach, arriving at sunrise and leaving after sunset. In Cabo there are many hidden beaches that you can only get to by boat, so we recommend hiring a tour that takes you to one of them early and comes to pick you up in the afternoon, so you will enjoy a whole day in the tranquility of the beaches in Los Cabos.
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As you can see, Cabo is a destination with many different experiences to choose from, without a doubt Chedraui supermarket will be your best ally to find everything you need in one place to make your next visit to Los Cabos an experience that you will never forget.