10 beautiful coffeeshops to visit in Mexico City

Having a cup of coffee is not a simple thing for many of us. It’s a whole ritual and an opportunity to try new flavors, aromas and test our palates. With the increasing offer of places and types of coffee, it is difficult to decide where to stop for a coffee or where to meet a friend for a chat or simply work a little bit. Of course, company is important, but what better way to chat in a charming place with cozy details.

It’s not just about a pretty place, but about offering a specialty coffee for the most demanding caffeine users. The good thing is that in Mexico City there are hundreds of options where both things are combined. These are the coffeeshops in Mexico City we recommend.

Café de Nadie

A café-bar for music lovers. The place has a collection of more than 1,500 vinyls, a menu of coffee, cocktails and food. We recommend their margaritas and mezcal. If you go for coffee, do not leave without trying the ‘concha’.

Address: Chihuahua 135, Roma
Website: CaféDeNadie.com

Alma Negra

A small specialty coffeeshop to grab something and walk around the area. They offer different techniques and local coffee beans. You can also get some grains to take home and enjoy your Alma Negra café made your way. They also have a few bread options to enjoy with your coffee.

Address: Tonalá 53, Roma
Tel: 55 4162 5899
Websites: AlmanegraCafe.com

Café Curado

A small specialty coffee and brunch spot. They have food only until 4pm, so you can drop in for a delicious coffee (they have their own brand) and then switch to a beer or add some “piquete” (spike) to your coffee. Here we recommend the hashbrown sandwich with eggs and spinach.

Address: Lisboa 56, Juárez
Website: CafeCurado

Tres Abejas

Located inside the Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa Museum, Café Tres Abejas offers a variety of drinks and delicious desserts to spend long hours chatting. Try their carrot cake or Matilda with a nice cup of coffee. As you can see, the decoration is super cute and feminine, it is also pet friendly and they prepare special cookies for them.

Dirección: Valladolid 52, Roma Nte.
Tel: 2687 6813
Sitio web: Facebook Tres Abejas


Under the “café rico” motto, this project is more than really delicious coffee. They believe in the power of a daily routine like drinking coffee to have a big impact to the preservation of various ecosystems. Learn about different techniques and find amazinf coffee, chocolate and honey here.

Address: Orizaba 42, Roma Nte
Website: Buna.mx


One of those CDMX jewels for coffee lovers (varieties from Ethiopia, Colombia, Chiapas or Oaxaca). Here you will find some of the best prepared baristas in Mexico, so you can have a coffee experience like never before. Although it is small, the patio in the back is very bright and full of plants, with beautiful colorful armchairs. We love the espressonic and the concha de chocolate.

Address: Av. Ámsterdam 67a, Condesa
Website: Facebook Quentin Café Mx

Niddo Café

In addition to breakfast, this small spot in the Juárez neighborhood has a space dedicated to coffee. Enjoy and pamper yourself with its drinks bar where, in addition to Chiapas coffee, you will find golden milk, Mexican tea and fresh drinks, as well as freshly baked bread and cookies to accompany.

Address: Dresde 2, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
Tel: 5525 0262

Website:  Niddo.mx


Great coffee, bread, and food. It has a day menu and another at night. In addition to having a delicious kitchen, of which we recommend the green goddess dip and sandwiches, they have coffee and also drinks and wine.

Address: Dinamarca 44, Juárez
Website: CicatrizCafe.com


A coffeeshop that offers specialty coffee, bread and desserts. This new spot in Roma Norte is becoming one of the faves for breakfast, work or just get a coffee to go. They have pretty good menus for the morning and lunch.

Address: Tonalá 110, Roma Nte
Website: Instagram

Ten Condesa

Its concept is simple, fast and healthy, so it has a grab & go area, although it is very likely that the decoration and atmosphere of the space will invite them to stay. The perfect balance between neutral and bright colors, art by Rocca Luis César and coffee, tea and desserts for an afternoon with friends.

Address: Av. Tamaulipas 141, Hipódromo
Tel: 8437 9630

Website:  Ten-Condesa.com