Unique Asian restaurants to love in Mexico City

Yes, Mexican food is flavorful, colorful, spicy and diverse. But so is Asian food. And when you bring that food scene to Mexico City the result is amazing. With fresh produce, Mexican collaborations and very authentic recipes, some restaurants have created unbelievable experiences. Yes, you can find traditional Asian food, but these restaurants are unique.

You can find a mix of Mexican and Indian, Taiwanese street food, Singaporean bites with amazing wines and much much more. Plus, these Asian restaurants in Mexico City are gorgeous! Cozy, friendly and with amazing attention, we’ve gathered a list of the unique places to visit as an Asian food lover.

Masala y Maíz

Nobody ever thought that there could be such a perfect match of Mexican and Indian cuisine. A place created by a couple (she’s Mexican, he’s of Indian descent) the menu is a perfect combination of both accompanied by a magnificent wine repertoire. They explore all types of recipes, ingredients and spices. A must-try while you’re in town.

Address: Marsella 72, Juárez
Phone: 55 6227 9468
Website: Instagram


An intimate space to try Singaporean bites and good wines. This small wine garden inside one of the houses in Roma offers an asian kitchen like no other in the city. Our advice is to order almost all the menu (it’s petite) and share so you get to taste everything. They offer, lobster, veggies, pork and chicken.

Address: C. Querétaro 11, esq Frontera, Roma
Phone: 55 4765 9626
Website: Makan.mx


Want good Korean home-made food? You have to try Dooriban. This Asian restaurant created by Mama Park, offers the delicious and homey dishes from the classic Korean cooking. The Kimchi Bokkeumbap is amazing, and so are the little pancakes, the chicken wings, the fried tofu and sides.

Address: Tabasco 189, Roma
Website: OpenTable


Galanga Thai House where you can try genuine cuisine in a beautiful patio filled with plants. Their dishes include veggies, fish and chicken prepared with the real Thai spicyness, so make sure to ask about that to the waiters. The drinks are exotic and fresh, definitely worth a try.

Address: Monterrey 204, Roma Nte
Phone: 55 5941 5385
Website: Instagram

Bao Bao

If what you’re looking for is Taiwanese, you’ve got to try Bao Bao. With their traditional street food like dumplings, rices and noodles, your taste buds are in for a ride. This asian restaurant in Mexico City is small and cozy, perfect for a cold day when you want to warm up with some flavorful soup and dishes. The must-try are the green baos, rice with mushrooms and the spicy wontons.

Address: Guanajuato 202, Roma
Phone: 55 6271 4744
Website: Instagram


Vegan or non vegan, this is a must. You don’t have to eat noodles or fried chicken to enjoy this great cuisine. Plantasia is a concept created so that you can taste Asian food in the best way and free of animal products and eat lightly in CDMX. Our recommendations are the Udon with truffle, the momos and the Pad Thai.

Address: Puebla 120, Roma Nte.
Phone: 5122 7625
Website: plantasia.cafe


Pan-Asian dishes from Indian samosas & pad Thai to Chinese dumplings in one of our favorite streets in Mexico City. Under the concept of street food, Sesame offers a lot of options for all likes. The drinks are definitely something to explore here as well. We love the buns, the edamames with garlic and furikake shiso, and the curry.

Address: Colima 183, Roma
Phone: 55 5207 7471
Website: Instagram